About Us

Growing up, I had a mother whose skills bordered on superhuman. As a stay-at-home mom of eleven children, she had a ton on her plate. Each day for her was like feeding and taking care of an army - but these weren’t trained and independent soldiers she was caring for, but children who demanded her time, love, and comfort. Tasks that would be simple for a smaller family were quite an undertaking for our tribe. Calling us to wash our hands before dinner was like summoning a stampede of elephants!

Yet in the midst of the semi-chaotic daily life of our family, Mom somehow found the time, or more accurately made the time to beautify our surroundings and create a space for us that was home. I mean Mom was preparing made-from-scratch meals on a daily basis--cooking organic meals decades before “organic” was trending. With a few simple decor items, she could transform our modest home into a decorator’s showhouse. She did it all, and with such skill and grace that it caught my attention and made an imprint on my heart. I was the youngest child, so as you might imagine I was not involved in such things myself at the time. (There were six boys between my sisters and I, so I didn’t even realize I was a girl until about the age of twelve!!) But I did watch. And apparently I learned something from watching my mother, because her talents surfaced at a later point in my own life.

In 2015 my husband Paul and I married, 17 years after we had first met. (That’s another beautiful story for another time. Seriously, we should write a book about it.) At the time I was finishing graduate school and was the executive director of a non-profit art organization. We had just moved into our first home. Paul, starting his own business and therefore extremely busy, gave me free rein over our home improvement project. I was so excited to embark on my real-life HGTV project. With visions of Fixer Upper dancing in my head, I couldn’t wait to buckle down and get to work! As I began, memories of Mom and my childhood home came back to me, and I began to appreciate just what it was that Mom had done. I recognized the beauty and importance of cultivating a haven, a safe place of comfort and well-being and love. 

Home renovations are not for the faint of heart, and if you've ever survived subcontractors invading your home, staying within budget and meeting deadlines, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Turning the corner and seeing chaos begin to coalesce into a tangible design brought such peace and relief. There is something about the feeling when your home is complete. It's not that what you create has to be huge and magnificent. Even if it's just a corner, a space in your home. Anything can be made beautiful. It doesn't require something expensive. A scented candle on your nightstand. A pretty weekly planner for your home office. A sofa pillow with an inspirational quote.

I believe that God is the author of beauty, and that we are made in His likeness and are therefore capable of embracing and expressing beauty ourselves. I wanted my home to be a reflection of who I am, but even more proof of whose I am. Throughout our renovation adventure, I looked for products that expressed my faith. I remember finding a wall sign at Home Goods that read "In this house we serve the Lord" and literally squealed out loud in the store. 

I began wondering, why is it so difficult to find beautiful home decor, bath and body, and lifestyle products that reflect who I am and whose I am? As I researched, I found that there are actually many, many gifted artists and makers out there who provide the kind of items I was looking for. But then, I asked, why isn’t there a curated marketplace for inspirational lifestyle and home decor products?

If I were asking this question, I wondered if others were too. Like me, maybe you want to live out your faith and express yourself in how you furnish your homes, your accessories and your style. We want to live lives of virtue. But let’s face it. Often our culture does not make it easy, as more often than not women are enticed to compromise virtue in favor of either what’s trending or what’s quick and accessible. On those occasions when we do unexpectedly find an item that expresses our faith, it can feel so rare that we may settle for less than we had hoped for. We attempt to find that perfect everyday gift for ourselves, or a special gift to mark a life moment like a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or girlfriend getaway or retreat. There's a level of discomfort because it’s like we have to purchase something that does not fit our personal style or aesthetic in order for it to be faith-based. Why is that? It's sometimes overwhelming to find scroll through thousands of makers on Etsy that provide beautiful products we want. We might be tempted to just give up. I mean, who has time for this? 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner in all of this, someone who has already done the curating for you, so that you can focus on selecting items you really want instead of hunting for them? I thought so. 

Though it took me years to determine (many pages of journaling and many, many prayers), I was obsessed with finding my purpose, and following God's plan for my life. I wanted to combine my passion for inspiring and encouraging others with my insatiable appetite for learning, while also incorporating my zest for freedom and flexibility. Now if only there was a word for that. And yes, that was my foray into becoming an accidental entrepreneur.  With God’s help, I could bring buyers and makers together in a supportive community so women looking for lifestyle, home decor, bath and body, and accessories and gifts would have a go to curated marketplace. 

That’s the purpose that drives Blessed Home & Body. I and my team are committed to equipping women to live in virtuous visibility, wearing and sharing the Gospel unashamed. Our mission is to create a “prayerfully curated marketplace” where you can find intentionally designed, beautiful, and affordable Life + Style, Bath + Body, Home + Decor, and Accessories + Gifts collections that serve as an extension of your faith as you live for Christ. We strive to ensure that you will never have to compromise on your convictions for style or sacrifice the excellence you look for in merchandise for the sake of finding something virtuous. Everything in our shop is prayerfully curated with you in mind.

Our vision encompasses two aspects of our lives, Home and Body. 


We are created to cultivate the places we live. We are beings made for beauty. And there is something so beautiful about a home that has been lovingly cared for and has the unique touch and inspiration of its owner. By doing these things, we can also keep in sight the future hope of heaven, our eternal home.


At Blessed Home & Body, we embody and celebrate virtue. A lot of what we take in through our culture these days as women is contrary to what scripture teaches about the nature of beauty, and that is, clothing ourselves not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually with strength and dignity. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and together we make up the Body of Christ. We need to care for and cherish our bodies and present ourselves to the world with honor and virtue.

How does all this come together? Blessed Home & Body. It is something that we are, something we feel, and it is something we can do for others. Our home and body is a place for Christ to dwell.

We hope our products serve as reminders to you of your blessed status as a woman of God, and what you can do to bless others. And of course the best way you can bless others is always to share the Gospel. As a Christian, you are an ambassador of Christ. Carry a bag that says "blessed,” “hope,” or that has a scripture verse. See what conversations start. Let others see your faith in a bold and unique way. We are here to empower you.

Browse through our curated collections and be blessed, friend! Because you, a beautiful, unique woman of God, can live a life of virtue.                           

Be Virtuous. Be Bold. Be Stylish. Be Blessed!